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Pre-Surgery Evaluations

CARES provides comprehensive pre-surgery evaluations of individuals who are being considered for neuromodulation, cosmetic, organ transplant, or bariatric surgery. These evaluations are frequently required by insurance companies and surgeons to ensure that the patient is mentally prepared for the surgery.

A  pre-surgery report includes an assessment of the patient's subjective experience of his/her medical condition, expectations from surgery, understanding of the surgery and pre-post operative requirements, the presence of psychopathology or psychological issues that could interfere with a successful outcome, and recommendations to improve a successful outcome if applicable.

A pre-surgery evaluation includes an interview with the patient to obtain detailed information regarding the patient's history and current functioning. Next, the patient undergoes psychological testing, which typically takes 1 hour. The testing is computerized and can be completed by the patient in their home.  

After the evaluation has been completed, a report is prepared and provided to the patient and surgeon. The patient will receive a video session reviewing the details of the report if desired.



 Telepsychology Evaluations Available

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